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Currently, Financial Services firms have 3 options when it comes to surveillance software that maintains regulatory compliance

Employ decades-old surveillance software that is overwhelmed with data, siloed in review, and slow to respond - leaving you spending weeks sorting through false positives.

Complement traditional surveillance with "analytics-based" software that, while doing a better job of violation identification, fails in providing familiar (and often required) compliance workflows.

Spend a lot of money by employing both solutions in tandem with the goal of providing proactive compliance oversight - even though there's significant overlap between the two.

Let's face it, the fact is that you're forced to complement dated, ineffective software with something that solves some, but not all, of your compliance requirements. While this is not ideal for any firm, for smaller firms, it's simply cost prohibitive. So what's left? Stick with reactive compliance while regulators insist proactivity?

Panalytics can help.

Panalytics Comply is the first consolidated surveillance solution for proactive compliance

Our software helps compliance teams better identify, manage and respond to regulatory compliance risk and violations by combining next-generation violation identification with proven (and often required) compliance features and workflows.

This enables compliance teams to...

  • Consolidate the analysis and review of previously siloed data such as email, IM, social, trades, research, news & alerts, and more
  • More accurately identify violations and reduce false positves through machine learning and NLP
  • Efficiently review issues with a case-based review that's inclusive of compliance workflows such as escalations and audit trails
  • Leverage collective intelligence on people, places, and organizations in a library that's shared across all customers
  • Significantly reduce response time with near-realtime analysis



Unified View of Risk & Violations

Identify potential compliance risk and violations holistically across disparate information sources such as email, social, IM, trades, research, restricted and watch lists, news events & more.

Proven Compliance Features & Workflows

Unlike "analytics-only" solutions that can only complement existing surveillance processes and tools, Panalytics Comply® includes proven and actionable compliance workflows like review actions and audit trails.

Unparalleled Accuracy & Effectiveness

Unlike traditional, lexicon-based solutions, Panalytics Comply® employs machine learning and NLP to provide significantly increased accuracy in the identification of risk and violations - significantly reducing the number of false positives.

Crowdsourced Intelligence Library

The people, places, organizations, events, etc. that are identified by Panalytics Comply are made available in a shared library accessible across all customers. The more information in the library, the more accurate the violation identification.


Achieve truly proactive compliance
with Panalytics Comply

  • Case-based, unified review across data sources
  • Compliance workflows and audit trails
  • Analytics-based violation identification
  • Collective intelligence on people, places, orgs
  • Near-realtime analysis
  • On-demand search & inquiry
  • Supports public data sources
  • Visualizations and reporting
  • Robust policy catalog
  • Deploys on-prem or in cloud
Panalytics Comply
3rd Party Data Providers

Enhance violation identification & enrich review with public data sources

Panalytics Comply supports the ingestion of public data sources to enhance its violation identification algorithms and enrich your review process.

Leveraging 3rd party data feeds from our partners, you're now able to review supporting data points such as enforcement actions & regulatory disclosures, news & events, corporate actions & insider transactions, and market, tick & volume data.

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