An Ode to Panalytics: It Shows You More


Once upon a mid-day query, while it ran so weak, eyes teary
Over many a quaint and curious volumes, twas such a bore
Ran so squalid, index mapping, suddenly there came a tapping
My attention quickly snapping, snapping to the office door
“I’m so miserable” I uttered “stop tapping on my office door –
Go away, come back at four

For it was, as I remember it was in that cold September
Syncing member after member, each slower than before
This program here, it brought sorrow – no better, would be tomorrow
As I ate, sub from Sbarro – Sbarro on the fourth floor
For again came that wretched knocking, oh how I abhor
A man called Chris, came through the door

“Your data looks quite hard to ponder, looking for a money launder?”
“Chris”, said I, “over this data is too much to pour”
Sat Chris down, then keyboard tapping, then something started happening
Answers then began unwrapping, another Chris walked through the door
“Do not fear, we’re here to help you” then my mouth dropped to the floor
But over the data, it still did pour

It saw some patterns, the program peering, long I stood there wondering fearing
Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before;
Emails then assigned a token, it knew inside, what had been spoken
Chris the first, his silence broken “Here’s the product, that you call for”
Then I whispered, and echo back “Can it do a little more?”
The Chris’ Smiled, and nothing more

Through the data it was turning, all the while it still was learning
First Chris on the screen was tapping, “Your Policy”, he said to assure
“What?” said I “We’re identifying data patterns”
I looked to see, there were threat I could explore
“How does it work? please tell me now, i do implore!”
Over the data, it still did pour

“This, the Panalytics product, regardless of an email topic
Looks at trends, like nothing’s every looked at trends before.
I asked them then, “how this can be?” “With this case and policy?”
“Tell me more!” Screamed I then they showed me so much more
“This is magic” I cried “Oh so much better than before”
Then the Chris’ showed me more

Before long twas done profiling, then the case began compiling
It showed me thing that I could have never dreamed of before
“It tells you who, how, where, and when; this email here, sent by these men
Went here then here then here, and this guy here just F’ing swore.”
Then I said “We need this now, this is a fact we can’t ignore”
The Chris’ Smiled, and nothing more

We saw past products, used to surveil, and did it on a much grander scale
It’s regulatory compliance, like nothing you’ve ever seen before
Connecting data, Fintech Sandbox supplied, it synchronizes, language then, it recognizes
With all this it analyzes, weaving data into a story you can explore
Here is the future of compliance, the solution you’ve been waiting for

Panalytics: it shows you more

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