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Introducing Panalytics Comply®

Panalytics Comply® is revolutionary surveillance software that provides Financial Services firms with an entirely new way to identify, manage and respond to regulatory risk and compliance violations like market manipulation, insider trading and fraud. By merging the latest techniques in violation identification with the proven compliance workflows of traditional surveillance solutions, Panalytics Comply® offers firms the first viable alternative to broken and outdated surveillance processes and tools.

Unified View of Risk & Violations

Analyze and review regulatory compliance risk and violations across disparate information sources such as electronic communications, trades, restricted lists, research, public news sources, enforcement actions, and more.

Proven Compliance Features & Workflows

Unlike analytics-based solutions that can only complement surveillance processes, Panalytics Comply® is built atop immutable, tamperproof storage and includes proven, actionable compliance workflows and full audit trails.

Leverage Collective Intelligence

Panalytics Comply® includes groundbreaking "Collective Intelligence" that enables people, places and organizations to be identified with increased accuracy, in the context of regulatory compliance.

How Can I Better Identify Regulatory Violations?

Compliance Risk & Violations Surveillance Purpose-built for Financial Services

Legacy surveillance processes are broken & Compliance teams are struggling

For years, regulators such as the SEC, the CFTC, FINRA, IIROC, and the FCA have required that Financial Services firms perform surveillance on electronic communications to detect and manage potential compliance risk and regulatory violations. To meet this requirement, Financial Services firms have employed a variety of surveillance processes that, historically, mostly satisfied expectations and met needs.

But there's a problem. The demands on legacy surveillance processes have substantially changed, while the processes themselves have not. The net result is that those processes, erected over a decade ago, are now struggling with exponential data growth, easily gamed means of violation detection, and slow, reactive response.

Simply put, surveillance is broken. And Compliance teams are increasingly left feeling too overwhelmed, too reactive, and ultimately too ineffective at a time when regulators are increasingly demanding a proactive approach and levying fines.

Enter Panalytics Comply. Panalytics Comply is a software-based risk and violation analytics solution that helps free Compliance teams from the shortcomings of legacy surveillance processes and helps to achieve regulatory compliance - more accurately, efficiently, and effectively than ever before.

The velocity, volume and variety of data are growing substantially and legacy surveillance processes can't keep pace.
Risk and violation detection significantly lags occurrence and oftentimes action is not taken until 24-48 hours post-incident.
Existing surveillance processes focus on electronic communications only, ignoring other important sources such as trade, network, CRM, and file data.
This often leaves Compliance teams feeling ineffective in meeting surveillance requirements.

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Panalytics Comply® is reinventing the way that Financial Services firms identify, manage and respond to regulatory risks and compliance violations across disparate data sources. To learn more, provide your email address below to download the Panalytics Comply Datasheet.